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Dollar Bills

Profit Projection Template

We find that many of our clients are missing simple, but necessary tools to set monthly goals and/or analyze actual item sales performance. This is a simple Excel Template --> Drop in your item and your actual or projected sales (volume). The template will calculate the rest automatically.  

US $9.99

Hair Stylist

Average Ticket Price Calculater

This template is designed specifically for service providers (i.e, beauty professionals, professional service providers, massage therapists, etc).  This template is designed to calculate your average ticket price (what you can expect from the next client walking in your door).  This number is necessary, as it allows a service provider to estimate their monthly or annual income.

US 19.99

Business Meeting

Monthly Budget Template

Guided budgeting templates allows you to take control of your finances today. This template contains formulas to make your DIY monthly planning easier.  Drop in your expenses and the template will calculate the rest. *Bonus: Includes both personal and business budget tables + will auto-cacluclate your quarterly expenses once you input your 1 month data.

US $12.99

Upward Curve

12 month Budget & Forecasting Template

Expert Guidance in an instant! This DIY (do-it-yourself) template is set up to assist you in calculating 12 months of projected income & expenses based on your past 3 months of actual business performance.  This template is a must have for all entrepreneurs. Ever wonder what they do at corporate?? This is it!!

US $24.99

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